Smoker Accessories
Vertical Smoker Accessories

With vertical smokers becoming more compact and portable, barbecuing food during picnics, camping, and in your backyard is now easier. Suitable smoker accessories can help you elevate your barbecue skills to the next level. Some users may feel that vertical smoker accessories are unnecessary and an extra expense. But the difference between mouth-watering and extraordinary and mediocre smoked food is having the right accessories.
Appropriate tools and gear can transform you into an expert from a beginner. These make the process quicker and more convenient, and facilitate a wholesome smoking experience. Several grilling tools are available in the market- the abundance of choices can make it challenging to decide which ones are necessary and which are optional. We listed different smoking accessories and what purpose they serve in this article. You can invest in products you think are must-haves for you. 

Essential Vertical Smoker Accessories

Let’s look at the essential elements of your BBQ tool kit!

A Digital Meat Thermometer

  • Thermopro Wireless Meat Thermometer
  • ThermoPro TP20 Meat Thermometer with Dual Meat Probe

BBQ Grill Gloves

  • Grill Armor BBQ Gloves

An Instant Read Thermometer

  • ThermoPro Lightning 1-Second Instant Read Meat Thermometer

BBQ Tongs

  • Grille Perfect Store Tongs

Grill Brush

  • GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper

Knives set

  • Cutluxe Slicing Carving Knife
  • SpitJack BBQ Carving and Slicing Knife

Cutting Boards

  • Soulfino Bamboo Cutting Board

Basting Brush or Mop

  • GRILLHOGS Basting Brush
  • Miso Basting Mop

Meat Claws

  • Mountain Grillers Meat Claws

A Charcoal Chimney

  • Weber Rapidfire Compact Chimney Starter

Fire Starters

  • GasSaf Electric Charcoal Fire Starter

Rib Rack

  • Mountain Grillers BBQ Rib Racks

Burger Patty Maker

  • Jenny Frida Burger Press


  • GRILLART Kabob Skewers

Grill Apron

  • Hudson Professional Grade Apron

Butcher Paper

  • Bryco Goods Pink Butcher Paper Roll

Grill Basket

  • Shizzo Grill Basket

A Digital Meat Thermometer

A good quality wireless thermometer is imperative for an authentic smoking process. Keeping the temperature consistent is the key to a perfect barbecue. Even if your smoker has a built-in thermometer, you might still need one, as those can be highly inaccurate. What a wireless dual probe meat thermometer does is that it lets you monitor the temperature of the smoker and your food with a single device.

Also, you wouldn’t have to guard the smoker and navigate it by comfortably sitting on a couch.Thanks to wireless functionality. It allows smokers to multitask while cooking their meat for hours and hours. A digital thermometer is a staple smoker accessory, especially for beginners. In our experience, the following products are excellent for your temperature control needs:

Thermopro Wireless Meat Thermometer

Thermopro long range thermometer is fast and accurate. You can trust the readings and be sure your food wouldn’t spoil. It is perfect for cooking different meats and cuts simultaneously. It allows you to monitor the temperatures for all of them. You can control the device through your phone using Bluetooth or WIFI connectivity or its own receiver. The app control panel allows you to check the total time your food will take to cook. You can monitor the internal temperature of your meat and receive an estimated time for its perfect readiness.

ThermoPro TP20 Meat Thermometer with Dual Meat Probe

With a temperature range of 0°C to 300°C (32°F to 572°F), thermopro TP20 is a wireless device for grilling and smoking. There is a large display LCD and thanks to the backlight which helped us many times in thunderstorm weather and in low light conditions.

The device is super easy to operate and handle. It has built-in temperature settings (USDA-approved) for the meats and separate settings for the beef and chicken.

ThermoPro advertises an accuracy level of + or -1.8°F and to test the claim we dipped in boiling water and got the reading 211°F against the boiling temperature 212°F.

Besides meat cooking, ThermoPro aids in cooking Desserts,Pizzas and veggies. A built-in timer that can be set to count down or up, so you can manually set it to keep track of whatever you put on the grill. 

Some advancements made in Thermopro in comparison with TP20 are:

  • Probe ports on the transmitter are labeled one.
  • Probe Design upgraded. Now, no risk of the probe sliding up or down during cooking is ensured. 

Four AAA batteries are included and the best thing is that they are faster and not power suckers. There is also a feature of auto shut-off if not in use for 30 minutes.

BBQ Grill Gloves

Wearing heat-resistant gloves while working on a grill is critical, as temperatures can go significantly high. Sometimes, we have to touch the meat directly, and a pair of tongs or spatula alone may not be safe enough. Protecting your hands from injuries and burns while working with fire and extreme heat is vital. Silicon grill gloves with soft cotton linings are the best at protecting your hands without compromising your grip.

You can safely handle burning coals, hot tools, and flip sizzling meat without risking injuries. Safety and comfort while grilling are crucial for an enjoyable barbecue experience. Heat-resistant gloves are definitely a must-have smoker accessory, especially if you have ever had burning accidents while grilling.

Look out for gloves that are fluid-resistant and waterproof. Nonwaterproof gloves, when wet, may not function properly. You may feel heat on your hands, which could be dangerous. We have tried several products on our hunt for the best vertical smoker accessories, and the following impressed us the most:

Grill Armor BBQ Gloves

Grill armor gloves can handle extreme high temperatures up to 932F. Whether you work with an offset smoker or a gas or charcoal grill, these gloves have you covered. The problem with some heat-resistant gloves is that they compromise the wearer’s agility. But with grill armor gloves, you can smoothly perform other tasks like using a thermometer or holding a wrapped brisket.

The product comes in three sizes- you can pick one that fits you best. You can easily wash your grill armor gloves if you accidentally mess them up with oils, ash, or sauces. 

An Instant Read Thermometer

If you own a wireless meat thermometer, you probably think an instant read meat thermometer is unnecessary. But, it can be a handy tool for checking inner temperature when cooking multiple cuts. They are small and lightweight, and using them feels like a breeze. All you need to do is insert the probe into the center of the meat, and it displays the internal temperature on the screen within three seconds.

Occasionally, the time mentioned on a recipe card may not be accurate. It is possible that the meat could be ready sooner or require more time than stated. If you are often doubtful whether or not your food has reached your desired temperature, an instant-read thermometer is a mandatory smoker accessory for you. It is a cheap gadget with robust build quality and excellent speed, accuracy, and operation. You would get a wholesome smoking experience without spending a hundred bucks. 

ThermoPro Lightning 1-Second Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Barbecuers that use Thermopro instant-read thermometer vouch for its helpfulness and efficiency, and we couldn’t agree more. It is an essential tool when cooking cuts that do not require long cooking sessions, and frequent checking is crucial. You can check the doneness of your food at multiple points during a cooking session. It ensures you don’t end up serving raw or overcooked food.

The cutting-edge LED display has gyroscopic leveling technology, making the temperature reading highly readable and accurate. It has reliable triple-A batteries. The thermometer is efficient in terms of battery usage, and offers up to 3000 hours of precise and accurate readings.

BBQ Tongs

Working on the grill without sturdy tongs is impossible. Turning the food on the grill is an art- a good set of tongs makes it easy. Also, it helps protect your hands from getting burnt while working with high temperatures. Short-handled tongs can be tricky and may not offer the protection you seek while working on the grill. Look for long grilling tongs and silicone or wooden handle grips. These help you efficiently work around your meat while protecting your hands.

Undoubtedly, barbecue tongs are a must-have vertical smoker accessory. A low-quality, flimsy set of tongs could cause mishaps like dropping your perfectly grilled food just when you are about to serve it. Look for high-temperature protection and secure grip while purchasing a pair of tongs.

Grille Perfect Store Tongs

The sturdy stainless steel set of tongs is durable, efficient, and affordable. These BBQ tongs help you safely handle meat with precision. You can be sure your food won’t slip out of your grasp while turning it. A 24-inch length is perfect enough to keep your hands safe at a distance from heat. The dual-sided design offers an excellent grip that allows you to roll large cuts of meat without tearing or piercing it. High-quality metal can withstand high temperatures and offers extra strength, free from bending and twisting.

Grill Brush

Keeping the cooking area clean is imperative to your smoker’s functionality and performance. Your vertical smoker requires regular maintenance to work in optimal condition. Cleaning the grill with a brush after cooking is a crucial step of smoker maintenance. A grill brush is necessary if you do not want oily residue and debris to ruin your smoking experience. Look for a good quality brush that doesn’t shed bristles on the grill while scrubbing. It can pose a serious health hazard if it goes inside your food.

You can also use a bristle-free BBQ cleaning brush to ensure no bristles accumulate on the grill. A low-quality brush may also not clean well and cause bits of old food to go into new food, ruining its taste and jeopardizing your health. A grill brush is an economical cleaning tool with numerous benefits. Having it in your smoker accessory kit is indispensable for removing debris from hard-to-reach areas.

GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper

The Grillart grill brush and scraper can immaculately clean the stubborn, sticky, and burnt residue. It comes with a scrapper that makes removing the hardened stuck-on debris on the grill easy. It is a quality brush that leaves the grill shiny and clean. It has a long, 18-inch handle that helps you clean the grill even when it’s warm. Your hands and arms will be safely at a distance, so you won’t have to worry about burns and injuries.

The brush has a comfortable grasp and rustproof stainless steel sturdy construction. A wide scrubbing surface allows for easy, quick, and thorough cleanup. Clean your grill grates with a wet sponge or soft cloth after scrubbing to ensure no stray wires are left.

Knives set

A knife set is a significant barbecue accessory. You will need several types of knives for different chores like boning, slicing, etc. Complex cuts like ribs, briskets, tri-tip, etc., require thorough trimming. A boning knife is crucial to trim the fat off a piece of meat or remove skin from a freshly caught fish. While a boning knife is essential for meat prep, a slicing knife is necessary for serving.

A regular knife can not cut the smoked meat accurately. It might not be sharp enough, and applying too much pressure to slice the meat could tear it and ruin its texture. You can purchase a knife set or different knives for different purposes. It depends on your preference. The knives should be sharp, and the handle should have a comfortable grip. Good-quality, sharp knives are pitmasters’ most precious weapons.

The length and sharpness of the blades determine the finesse and texture of your barbecue. Disregarding the significance of knives can be a grave mistake when purchasing smoker accessories. If you do not want to invest in a complete knife set, get a boning and a slicing knife to get perfectly grilled meat.

Cutluxe Slicing Carving Knife

The Cutluxe knife has a high carbon steel blade perfect for slicing and carving intricate cuts of meat. An ergonomic handle is crucial for a comfortable grip; this high-quality knife ensures a stable, smooth grip for precise slicing. Everyone loves this sharp knife, a professional barbecuer or a beginner. Our experience working with it was excellent. We could immaculately cut different types of meat like turkey, ribs, brisket, etc. You can easily maneuver it, and the knife comes in different blade lengths. So you can pick one according to your needs.

SpitJack BBQ Carving and Slicing Knife

It is a versatile boning knife perfect for slicing, carving, and several other kitchen uses. Trimming the fat off the meat is not an easy task. The SpitJack knife simplifies the job and ensures you get the best results. The blade length is suitable for different types of cuts.

What we liked the most about it is that it feels light in the hand yet delivers excellent performance. The feather-light feel in the hand and a comfortable grip do not affect the sharpness of the blade. It is dishwasher-friendly and includes a protective sheath for safe and easy storage. 

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are a favorite accessory among chefs, home cooks, and barbecuers. Many people ignore the significance of a good-quality cutting board- it makes a lot of difference in the end product. The boards and knives help you achieve excellence in your barbecue. No matter how good the food tastes, all your hard work and effort will go to waste if it doesn’t look presentable.

A regular kitchen board is unsuitable for larger cuts of meat and compromises the sharpness of your knives over a few uses. A good quality butcher’s block is crucial to a perfect barbecue. You can use it for prepping, trimming, and slicing your meat.

Remember to purchase a product that is easy to wash and robust enough for handling meat. It is an essential grill accessory that protects your prep area and countertops from scratches, meat juices, and fats. Also, look for juice grooves in the board to keep your working area clean from liquids.

Soulfino Bamboo Cutting Board

The thickness and size of your cutting board is the key to an excellent barbecue. While a regular-sized cutting board may suffice for vegetable chopping and onion slicing, when handling thick, fatty cuts of meat, you cannot compromise on a large and sturdy butcher’s block. It comes in three variations, each with a different weight. The Soulfino cutting board has a durable bamboo end grain construction.

It is sturdy yet lighter than traditional wooden cutting boards. It has an eye-catching design, looks perfect on countertops, and works excellently as a serving tray or charcuterie board. It is scratch-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about it getting scratched when you cut the meat. It comes with a stand for convenient storage.

Basting Brush or Mop

We deluge the meat with sauces and glazes to infuse it with flavors. The rubs and sauces you coat your meat with significantly impact the taste. A basting brush or mop is necessary to cover the protein in all that goodness. Basting brushes and mops have different applications.

Basting mop suits thinner sauces, while basting brushes work well with thicker sauces. However, you can fulfill your greasing needs with either of them. Purchasing both is not necessary. You can acquire both if you like to work with specific accessories for every chore. Many users tend to use other means of glazing and coating their meat. But anything other than a basting brush or mop will fail and will not transfer the sauces appropriately.

Opting for a basting mop with additional mop heads is a wise decision. You can replace the heads whenever necessary and adapt to different cooking needs. Also, if it is removable, you can effortlessly wash and rinse it whenever required, ensuring hygiene and longevity. Basting the meat during the long cooking sessions prevents it from drying out and losing flavor. Hence, we highly recommend using it.

GRILLHOGS Basting Brush

Silicone basting brushes are professional chefs and barbecuers’ popular choice. Fibrous brushes may shed stray fibers that may contaminate the food. Silicon brushes eliminate the problem, are easy to clean, and withstand high heat up to 480 F. It comes in different sizes- you can pick one according to your preference.

Large size allows you to cover more meat in less time. It is perfect to use when barbecuing for large gatherings. It is a quality brush with a stainless steel handle. Grillhog absorbent brush head evenly spreads sauces, marinades, and glazes, ensuring a juicy, moist barbecue.

Miso Basting Mop

Your regular kitchen mop may not cover the meat well enough with marinade. Miso basting mop is a designated BBQ mop. It helps retain the meat’s moisture and keep the flavors intact. It comes with four extra mop heads, so you can save yourself the hassle of washing it after each use.

It has a smooth wood handle with the perfect length and a comfortable grip. You can get this product under $20, which is incredible considering its usefulness for a good barbecue. The 100% cotton fiber mop head evenly spreads thin sauces and quickly covers more ground in less time. Changing the mop head is easy and quick.

Nice-to-Have Vertical Smoker Accessories

You can achieve a perfect barbecue in the absence of these accessories. But having them at your disposal makes your work quicker and easier.

Meat Claws

Meat claws are helpful in multiple situations, like when you need to shred pulled chicken or lift a heavy roast. People use it in the kitchen for many different applications. It is surprising to see how a tiny accessory can be incredibly useful in your kitchen. Meat claws or bear claws can help pull and shred meat in minutes. The task, otherwise, could take significant time and effort.

The accessory should be sturdy and easy to clean- dishwasher friendliness is a plus! You can also use it to serve the barbecue. Bear claws may not be crucial smoker accessory, but having them in your tool kit will make your job quicker and more convenient. We had doubts initially, but we can attest to their practicality and effectiveness through first-hand experience. You can get it under $20, but if you do not want to invest, you can always use a fork for shredding and lift the meat with your hands. Remember to wear gloves first.

Mountain Grillers Meat Claws

Shredding meat with these durable bear claws can save you the hassle of cleaning up the mess you would make if you used forks or hands. It will also be speedier and protect your hands from burns. You should consider buying it if you are a perfectionist and want your BBQ to look like it is from a restaurant.

It has a sturdy BPA-free nylon construction, which makes it dishwasher-friendly. It is lightweight and will fit comfortably in your palms. It can also be a good present for your BBQ enthusiast friend, spouse, or parent. 

A Charcoal Chimney

A charcoal chimney is essential if you use charcoal as the fuel source for your smoker. Waiting for the coals to light can be frustrating as it could take several minutes. The time and effort you can save by using it is worth every penny you spend. You can start your grill by placing crumpled paper or lighter cubes at the base of the chimney. Then, put your charcoal briquettes on top of it.

The chimney draws the flames upwards and ignites the coals swiftly and evenly. You have to choose a chimney according to the size of your smoker. It should have enough space to hold adequate charcoal briquettes to produce smoke for the entire BBQ session. A charcoal chimney has the perfect shape to start the coals right away. Also, it has air holes at the bottom that facilitate precise airflow. For people with charcoal smokers, a chimney starter is a staple. The following product is a hit among expert pit masters and chefs!

Weber Rapidfire Compact Chimney Starter

The Weber Rapidfire comes in two sizes and is perfect for smaller grills. It helps ignite the coals in less than fifteen minutes and expedites smoking. The compact size makes it suitable for short BBQ sessions. It is lightweight, portable, and super easy to use.

A chimney starter eliminates the need for lighter fluids, keeping your food free of unpleasant taste and smells. You can easily dump the ash with a quick-release trigger. If you have a large BBQ and need it to work for long smoking sessions, consider investing in a heavy-duty charcoal chimney starter. 

Fire Starters

Fire starters are an excellent alternative to lighter fluid. It is a multi-purpose tool that lights up grills, fireplaces, and campfires. Their small and compact size makes them a perfect backpack accessory for camping and outdoor barbecue. It is not an essential vertical smoker accessory.

However, these handy fire starters are incredibly efficient, even in challenging conditions like damp seaside or rainy winter weather. They ignite quickly and burn for 15 minutes, giving you enough time to make your charcoal fuming. A grill fire starter is easy to use and does not have a peculiar smell like usual chemical starters that affect the food’s taste and aroma. It is made with all-natural ingredients that do not compromise the quality of your barbecue.

GasSaf Electric Charcoal Fire Starter        

This product is for you if you have a charcoal grill and don’t like your barbecue tasting like lighter fluids. It is an efficient accessory that instantly lights up wood and charcoal briquettes for grills, fire pits, etc. It is affordable and has a natural wood flavor. You need to put some comburent with wood or coal to make it work efficiently.

It has a robust, high-temperature resistant construction material and uses hot air and electricity to ignite the fuel. It has an easy operation- position it near the combustible material and pull the trigger backward. Release the trigger when you want to stop the fire starter. 

Rib Rack

A rib rack is a must-have for you if your smoker doesn’t have enough cooking space to grill ribs. While most vertical smokers can hold a large amount of meat, round smokers, like Weber Kettle Grill, have some space constraints. It is the perfect tool for expanding the grilling area and allows you to cook multiple racks of ribs simultaneously.

Fitting four racks of ribs on a grill can be quite a challenge as they take up a significant amount of space. However, using a rack can make all the difference by reducing the space they occupy by about two-thirds. Not only does this save valuable grate space, but it also creates an enticing visual display with multiple rows of mouth-watering ribs stacked together. It is a meat lover’s dream come true!

Most rib racks have stainless steel or metal construction, which makes them long-lasting and safe to put in a dishwasher. A chicken and wing rack serves the same purpose. You can purchase it if you are into collecting an accessory for every cut. However, these accessories are optional if you are okay with the grill size and space you already have. Rib and chicken racks are beneficial if you have compact, portable BBQ grills.

Mountain Grillers BBQ Rib Racks                                                                                            

The Mountain Grillers rib rack is perfect for increasing your smoker’s grilling capacity. It can hold four racks of ribs and allows you to cook meat swiftly. This rack is ideal for preparing numerous dishes, including chicken, vegetables, and other proteins. The design allows even airflow and ensures the food gets heat from all sides.

Its compact design makes it easy to pack while planning a barbecue on a picnic, camping, or other outdoor cooking adventures. You can use it for all various types of smokers and ovens. It is a high-quality, sturdy stainless steel material rib rack that holds the ribs perfectly, and doesn’t let them tip over. It is easy to clean- you can hand wash it with soap and water or put it in a dishwasher.

Burger Patty Maker

You can make amazing burgers at home using your smoker, oven, or grill pan. However, if you are fussy about your burgers like us, you would want them to be neat, presentable, and attractive like the ones you get at a good burger joint. The burger patty has to be perfectly round and even for a good-looking burger. If you need that finesse in your burger patty, consider getting a burger press, also known as a patty maker.

You can make burgers without it, but this accessory will make the experience more enjoyable. You can make patties for a large group of people in less time, and everyone will marvel at their beauty. It is suitable for making both plain and stuffed burgers. The best part about the accessory is that it adapts to different levels of thicknesses. From giant-sized burgers to bite-sized sliders, you can adjust the thickness according to what you create on that particular day.

Jenny Frida Burger Press

The Jenny Frida stainless steel round smasher is non-stick. The meat won’t stick to the press. It is rustproof and has a robust build. You can trust that it will not break. The presser’s bottom skillfully polishes and refines the patties, giving them uniform thickness and shape. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

A 376g weight is ideal for pressing extra fats and oils from the meat. It allows the patty to receive even heat and expedites the cooking process. You can save considerable time with this handy accessory. It can make ten to twenty patties in the amount of time it takes to make three to four neat patties by hand.


We are a huge fan of reusable kabob skewers. Standard wood skewers are still available, but it takes considerable time to soak and put them in the grill. Reusable stainless steel kabob skewers hasten the process. Inserting pieces of meat onto them ensures they get even heat and get appropriately cooked. Skewers are the most popular and ancient grill accessory. It is a perfect tool to cook your meat directly over the fire.

Traditional kabob recipes involve lamb or mutton, but you can create them using different proteins and vegetables. If you like grilling the meat on skewers, look for a quality reusable set. Low-quality skewers could ruin your food as the uneven heat distribution results in undercooked and overcooked sections of the same piece of meat. There are endless possibilities of food combinations to grill on skewers. Get a set if you want to try them out.

GRILLART Kabob Skewers

Grillart kabob skewers are high-quality accessory with a nifty food slider. It is a set of ten skewers. The slider makes pushing the food on the rod super easy. You won’t need a fork to force the food forward, and the process will be neat and efficient. It has a flat blade that eliminates the need for rotation to achieve even cooking. Construction material is thick stainless steel-you can put the skewers on direct heat without worrying about bending, burning, or melting. It has the perfect length and fits all types of grills.

Grill Apron

An apron is not an essential accessory, but it is definitely practical and helpful in your kitchen. Grilling can be messy, especially when dealing with all that delicious fat, sauces, and marinades. Anything can come in contact with your dress and ruin it. Also, when you are outdoors and do not have an extra pair of clothes, you may need to cover your clothes with an apron to avoid getting stains on them.

There are no special considerations when buying a BBQ apron. Look for a material that is easy to clean and less flammable. Canvas or cotton aprons are favorable as they have a light feel, and you can easily wash them with mild soap and water. Whether trimming fat, cutting vegetables, preparing glaze, or flipping food on the grill, a full-coverage apron can be a nifty accessory. Investing a few dollars in it won’t be a mistake, as they are washable, and you can use them for a long time.

Hudson Professional Grade Apron

Hudson wax canvas apron is the most practical barbecue apron. The knee-length apron offers full coverage, and is water-resistant. At $25, it is the most durable apron compared to other aprons at this price point. Heavy-duty waxed canvas fabric can withstand wear and tear. It has a customized fit, chest and kangaroo-style pockets, and a long and adjustable strap.

The Hudson apron offers a blend of functionality and comfort and has an eye-catching design in multiple colors. Handy pockets allow you to keep your phone and other accessories while you work at the smoker. It is a multi-purpose that can serve as a stylist apron, kitchen apron, barber apron, and more.

Butcher Paper

It is amazing how something so basic can be so helpful and practical in your kitchen. A butcher paper is an invaluable accessory concerning barbecue. It helps retain moisture if you wrap it around the meat while smoking. You can also use it to cover the food while it rests. The construction material is wood pulp, which makes it moisture-resistant. You won’t have to worry about it getting moist and torn.

Look for unwaxed, food-grade brown or pink butcher paper if you look forward to wrapping meat in it. Polyethylene-coated waxed butcher paper is not high-temperature resistant and could melt and stick to your food if you put it on the grill. It may not be a necessary vertical smoker accessory, but it can definitely be helpful. It assists in smoking and various other kitchen and cooking chores.

Bryco Goods Pink Butcher Paper Roll

Pink butcher paper is more helpful and functional for achieving a succulent barbecue than aluminum foil. It helps retain the smoky flavor and texture of the meat while allowing steamy moisture to escape, thanks to its porous nature. Butcher paper traps the smoke and preserves meat’s natural juices. You can use it for cooking, smoking, and serving your barbecue.

Grill Basket

You can use a grill basket to cook vegetables and other delicate proteins on the grill. Several food items, like fish, vegetables, shrimp, etc., do not sit well on the grill and can fall through the grill grates, which gives them an unpleasant taste.

Grill baskets can be open or closed. Which one is best for you depends on your personal preferences. We prefer closed grill baskets as you can flip them effortlessly and cook the food from both sides. You can also put skewered food in the basket so you won’t have to put it directly or hold it over the grill. People use grill mats for the same purpose, but those cannot protect the food from rolling over the grill.

Some grill baskets have heat-resistant handles for easy lifting and turning. Putting your food in the grill basket does not compromise the smoke/grill flavor as it efficiently allows the heat and smoke to reach the food. It is not an essential smoker accessory, but you may need one if you grill small food items frequently. Food slipping through the grates ruins its taste and makes cleanup extremely difficult.

Shizzo Grill Basket

The Shizzo grill basket is a multi-purpose basket with enough space to accumulate a number of food items simultaneously. You can throw a chicken fillet, burger patty, and veggies on the grill at the same time.

Remember to coat the basket with olive oil to prevent the food from sticking. It comes with handy grilling accessories, like five BBQ skewers, a basting brush, and a water and oil-resistant carrying bag. The wire grate design ensures the excess moisture escapes, so you get crispy and juicy vegetables. A long handle and secure locking mechanism guarantee safe flipping without any waste.

What Difference do Smoking Accessories Make?

The absence of smoker accessories or low-quality tools may create several problems and compromise the quality of your food and the performance of your smoker. You may take longer than usual to cook your favorite food or cause mishaps like over or undercooking dishes. Here is a list of reasons why the right smoking accessories can make a difference in your smoking experience!

  • Safety accessories, like gloves, tongs, spatula, etc., make it possible to have enjoyable barbecue experiences while preventing accidents, burns, and injuries, especially for beginners.
  • Cleaning and maintenance accessories are critical to keep it functional for long. A smoker is an expensive machine. Investing in affordable accessories like a grill brush keeps its performance intact. A clean smoker is also imperative to your food’s taste and texture.
  • Cooking juicy, flavorful meat without an instant-read or digital temperature thermometer is almost impossible. You need to check whether or not the inner temperature has reached your preferred range. Working on guesses and assumptions may result in failures, wasting your precious time, effort, and meat. Consuming under or overcooked meat may also lead to some illnesses. 
  • Smoker accessories like meat claws, burger presses, fire starters, etc., make your work easier and quicker. Instead of wasting your time and energy on mundane chores, you can spend it on something more meaningful, like chatting with your friends or family. 

Wrap Up

While we discourage spending on fancy, additional accessories, we totally recommend buying practical, convenient, and time-saving tools. Owning a lot of accessories cannot make you a barbecue expert. But knowing your needs and having the right tools for the job does. Investing in the right tools that could save you hassle and time and enhance the flavor of your food is a wise decision. We hope the lists in the article help you decide which tools would be essential and helpful and make your lives easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Key accessories include a meat thermometer, wood chips or chunks, and grill gloves.

A water pan helps maintain moisture during smoking. It’s optional but beneficial for juicy results.

It’s safer to use heat-resistant grill gloves to protect your hands from high temperatures.

It’s better to use a grill brush with sturdy bristles designed to handle the tougher cleaning required for smoker grates.

Some accessories are weather-resistant, storing them indoors can prolong their lifespan and keep them in good condition.